Soccer abuse report ‘kick within the enamel’ for survivors

Soccer abuse report 'kick in the teeth' for survivors

It’s a career to be proud of, but Stewart’s memories are often consumed by the horrific daily cruelty he says he suffered between the ages of 11 and 15 as a youth footballer.

This week, Stewart says he’d hoped to find solace in the independent review from prominent lawyer Clive Sheldon, commissioned by the Football Association (FA), into the scandal.

Instead, he says survivors of this sexual abuse have suffered “another kick in the teeth” following the release of a report detailing the “significant institutional failings” from English football’s authorities.

Stewart told CNN that the findings have left victims angry and disappointed when they had sought closure and vindication after decades of life impacted by the painful memories of abuse.

“This was commissioned by the FA, it was paid for by the FA and we’re going to be disappointed, aren’t we?” Stewart told CNN Sport’s Don Riddell. “They’re not going to completely hold their hands up and be liable for what happened.”

In the review by…