Soccer’s little one intercourse abuse scandal: Sheldon assessment finds ‘institutional failings’

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“Significant institutional failings” by the Football Association meant it “did not do enough to keep children safe” – according to the findings of an independent review into historical child sexual abuse in the game.

It found the FA was “too slow” to have sufficient protection measures in place between October 1995 and May 2000.

It said there was no evidence the FA knew of a problem before summer 1995.

The report focused on the abuse of children between 1970 and 2005.

It said: “The FA acted far too slowly to introduce appropriate and sufficient child protection measures, and to ensure that safeguarding was taken sufficiently seriously by those involved in the game. These are significant institutional failings for which there is no excuse.”

The long awaited 710-page review, led by Clive Sheldon QC and commissioned by the FA in 2016, found:

  • Following high-profile convictions of child sexual abusers from the summer of 1995 until May 2000, the FA “could and should have done more to keep…