Solar Farm Miner Launches a Tokenomically Power Ecosystem with High Rewards – Be… – Press Release

Beirut, Lebanon, May 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Solar Farm Miner, a protocol comprising several critical assets, launched a platform that delivers the highest APR of all. And it’s not just the rewards that draw investors but also the thrill and excitement offered by the platform. Solar Farm Miner was launched recently but has seen exponential growth with the user base seeing a consistent rise.

How does Solar Farm Miner work?

It’s an interesting concept. Solar Farm Miner works on three key assets, BNB, Solar Panels, and Power. Users will deposit BNB tokens in exchange for Solar Panels, and these panels will in turn generate Power. Solar Panels are the smart contract miners here that get to work to generate revenue. Investors will receive up to 14.28% of the power generated in the form of Watts.

This is where the fun part starts! Users will have the option to either sell the generated power for BNB coins or go with compounding (I.E. Convert the generated power into new panels to increase the overall production and the long-term profits).

Power is the key. The more power generated, the higher the revenue.

Also, the Solar Panels do not have a fixed price but depend on the TVL (Total Value Locked). Users with higher TVL will get more Panels for a given amount of BNB coins. This ensures a level playing field and creates an ecosystem that does not give undue favor to users who joined initially..

How can I earn the maximum rewards?

Since everyone cannot be generating the same amount of power – due to varying initial investments – the rewards will, naturally, differ. The trick here is to go with compounding frequently and over longer intervals. Users who do not compound frequently see a lower APR, and as a result, the returns are not as high.

Many recommend the 6:1 compounding rule, where investors compound for 6 days and lay claim on the 7th. But this does not work on a platform like Solar Farm Miner, where the growth number is high. Compounding quickly and for an extended…