South Korea: Paralympic basketball group impressed by coach who died of most cancers

South Korea: Paralympic basketball team inspired by coach who died of cancer

He competed at Sydney and then led the South Korean wheelchair basketball team to its first Paralympics in 21 years.

He had wanted to be at the Tokyo Paralympics, but after the Covid-19 pandemic postponed the Games by a year, Han died of cancer.

“For 10 years, Han told the team that the goal isn’t to go to the Paralympics, but it’s to reach the semifinals,” South Korean national wheelchair basketball team captain Cho Seung-hyun told CNN Sport.

As the team counts down to the 2020 Tokyo Paralympics, it has pledged to fulfill that ambition of its late head coach.

The South Korean wheelchair basketball team has only been to the Paralympics twice: when its country hosted the Games in 1988 and in 2000 when an extra place was given for Asia when Sydney staged the event.

Han was in Sydney, as a wheelchair basketball player, though South Korea finished eleventh out of 12 participating countries

He retired as a player in 2002 and became the head coach of the national team in 2008 to complete his…