SP Home Run Inc. Shares Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting Great Clients

01/19/2012 // Lake Worth, Florida, USA // Wired PR News // SP Home Run Inc.

Attracting long-term clients and increasing recurring cash flow are two of the biggest problems that small IT service providers face in today’s economy. SP Home Run Inc. has researched and published “Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients” and is now offering this white paper for free at: http://www.sphomerun.com/7-it-sales-secrets/

The white paper shares seven field-tested sales secrets that are proven to jump-start service sales including:

* How to close a sale or contract with a potential customer, establish healthy client relationships, and shorten the sales cycle

* The best ways to bring in a steady cash flow – including actions you can take to focus on the right target audience, establish awareness, and build up your business’s credibility

* What to charge in today’s economy, how to reach prospective clients much earlier in the sales cycle, and how to consistently command top hourly billing rates

* Effective ways to collect accounts receivable without alienating clients – including the forms you must have before you do business with them

* How you can limit losing sales to people who are under-bidding you, get selective about lead qualification, and focus on selling IT solutions for well-defined business problems, not just products

* How to get customers to value your service enough so that you can make your target income

* How you can start selling recurring revenue-based services and what your sales presentation should focus on

The publication “Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients” also answers important questions such as: “What is the biggest distraction you can have in your IT business?” “Why might government contracts not be a good fit for small IT businesses?” and “What is one of the biggest rookie IT service business mistakes?” (Hint: It involves how you charge your clients.)

“This white paper is crucial and timely because it not only gives IT business owners the ‘what’ but also goes on to share the ‘how to,’ so small IT businesses can use the tips effectively to generate more service revenue,” said Joshua Feinberg, Business Development Director of SP Home Run Inc. “We published this resource to provide small IT service providers with easy-to-apply solutions. ‘Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients’ is full of strategies proven to consistently close sales with small business decision makers.”

To download “Seven IT Sales Secrets for Attracting High-Lifetime-Value Clients” and receive a free subscription to the SP Home Run weekly newsletter, visit this website:


About SP Home Run Inc.:

SP Home Run Inc. helps small business IT service providers get more high-paying, steady B2B clients by providing a suite of proven tools and resources that are available exclusively to SP Home Run Inc. members. The tools and resources focus on IT marketing and targeted lead generation, selling IT services and lead nurturing, IT service contracts, managed computer consulting, IT channel and small business technology, and starting a computer business.

The company currently serves clients all over the world. Its client base includes computer consulting businesses, VARs, network integrators, IT solution providers, MSPs, system builders, and computer repair businesses.

More information about SP Home Run Inc. can be found at http://www.sphomerun.com/About-SP-Home-Run-Inc/ .

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SP Home Run Inc.

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