Space Academy Show – An Interactive and Educational Show for Kids – Press Release

MultiShow, LLC is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest production, Space Academy Show, an immersive and educational show for children of ages 4 to 12. The show takes children on a journey through our galaxy, exploring different planets, learning about space, and interacting with the visual content using LED glowing bracelets and a mobile app.

Miami, FL March 21, 2023 –(– The Space Academy Show aims to provide an interactive and engaging experience for children, as they join Astra and Leo, two brave rangers, on a mission to save the solar system. Throughout the show, children will complete exciting tasks, learn new things about space, and have fun. Natan Riven, the show’s producer, shared that the MULTISPACE team worked tirelessly to create an experience that is both educational and entertaining. The show’s aim is to inspire children to learn more about space and pursue careers in STEM fields.

The Space Academy Show is an excellent choice for schools, museums, and other educational institutions, as it can help develop children’s love for science. Natan Riven expressed excitement in bringing this unique experience to children across the country and hopes that the show will inspire the next generation of scientists and explorers.

The Space Academy Show will be launching its first US tour in the state of Florida, with performances in the following cities:

– Sebring, FL at AMC Lakeshore, 8901 US Hwy. 27, Sebring, FL on April 4 @ 7:00 PM

– Panama City, FL at VIP PC Cinemas at 2218 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., Panama City, FL on April 15 @ 12:00 PM

– Tallahassee, FL at Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee at 200 S. Duval St., Tallahassee, FL on April 16 @ 12:00 PM

– Tampa, FL at LOOK Dine-In Cinemas, 12332 University Mall Ct., Tampa, FL on April 22 @ 12:00 PM

– Pinellas Park, FL at Regal Park Place, 7200 US Hwy. 19 N, Pinellas Park, FL on April 23 @ 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM

– Ocala, FL at Epic Theatres of Ocala, 4414 SW College Rd., #1200, Ocala, FL on…