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01/22/2013 (press release: Travel) // St Lucia or United States // Gateway Villas

St. Lucia is a beautiful place for vacations, offering a scenic blend of urban and rural areas. This historic region retains the flavor of a past that reaches back beyond the era of Columbus and his explorations, while offering all the best of modern comforts to today’s traveler. st lucia villas are the perfect way to experience all that this region has to offer, from its rich cultural heritage to its authentic regional cuisine to its vibrant, exciting nightlife.

This island is home to some remarkable old churches and forts, dating back centuries, to its colonial era. Local museums house some fascinating artifacts from the era before European contact, as well as from the various social and political periods of the island. During its history, St. Lucia has been under Spanish, French, and British control, which is reflected in its culture and language. While English is the official language, most people also speak a patois akin to Creole, with African roots and a splash of French and native Carib.

The cultural diversity of the region has created a vibrant nightlife, with plenty of music and dancing. Soca, reggae, calypso, and assorted indigenous island rhythms float through the evening air. Annual festivals and street parties add excitement to the local area around most st lucia villas. The culinary scene is fabulous with authentic island cuisines and delicious fusions influenced by the various cultures that have come together on this small island, evolving together to create a unique cultural experience.

Part of the appeal of St. Lucia villas is that they offer the luxury of privacy, a quiet, comfortable place to return to after the adventures of the day and the excitement of the evening. Vacationing in St. Lucia offers a broad range of experiences, from rural day trips to urban luxury spa treatments to boutique shopping in tiny villages scattered throughout the island.

Villas are an affordable lodging option, especially with a bit of advance planning, which is usually the best way to find great lodging deals. Because this is a very popular vacation option, start your vacation planning early for the best deals on St. Lucia vacation villas. However, even that last minute trip can find a bargain by taking advantage of cancellations or off season pricing.

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