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Sabre Stairlifts offer a complete service on all stair lift requirements and they are available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Their expertise in the sector is such that they can offer advantageous deals for the purchase and installation of stair lifts with guaranteed savings for the client.

How do they do it? Highly qualified staff, expert in recognising the right type of stair lifts for the client, and specialised teams that are quick and efficient in the installation itself. Above all Sabre boasts a wide and efficient network of stairlift manufacturers; not being tied down to just one manufacturer gives them a much wider scope to satisfy clients’ requirements. They also find the best prices, which they promptly pass on to clients.

Sabre Stair Lift Systems Ltd. is based in Yorkshire but provides services in the whole of the UK. Their products and assistance are made to measure for the client, and their prices are very competitive. Those interested in having a stairlift installed can contact Sabre Stairlift at any time for free consultation and advice. The installation is carried out by Sabre staff at a date agreed with the client.

There are numerous models, with various options. The selection of the right model first of all depends on the type of stairs: straight or curved. The basic stairlift has comfortable upholstered seating. Options include semi-perched or standing lifts; some with joy-stick operation. All have technologically advanced safety features. Another option is the possibility to rent a stairlift.

Sabre stairlifts can be installed in practically every home, on any type of staircase. The first step is to consult the measuring-guide on the Sabre website at: The stairlift should go on the wall side of the staircase, and care should be taken that there are no obstacles at the bottom of the stairs; a certain clearance is necessary. After measuring, following the measuring-guide’s simple instructions, Sabre personnel can advise about the the type of lift that would fit the stairs. Lifts for curved staircases are developed to accommodate the different types of curving stairs but have to be custom-built to fit perfectly. These lifts use either the twin-track or the monorail system. Sabre also takes into account the surrounding decor and colour scheme while advising about the various models.

The rental option offers many advantages. After an initial down-payment the monthly payments are very reasonable and the amount remains fixed. All maintenance, servicing and repairs are punctual and free. There is an option to purchase the stairlift at any time. This applies to straight stairs; curved staircases can adopt the rental option only if the curve is right at the top of the stairs. Sabre have developed an ingenious solution which enables them to install a straight stairlift with a small drop-down platform at the top of the stairs for getting on and off.

Contact Sabre Stairlifts at freephone 0800 074 7074, email [email protected] or visit the website: where it is possible to download their brochure.

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