Staten Island Mold Inspection Company Releases Toxic Mold Report To The Public

03/21/2013 (press release: FiveBoroMoldSpecialist) // StatenIsland, NY, USA // Motty Katz

With every consequent hurricane, the problem of black toxic mold comes up especially in New York City; as this problem has been made worse by the large number of houses and buildings built so close together. Moty Katz and Five Boro Specialist are proactively increasing awareness of the severity of the toxic mold issue currently plaguing New York City and outlying areas by releasing a report on the many irreversible health affects mold can cause to humans from brief exposure.

Hurricane Sandy has caused a substantial amount of damage to people’s homes and properties as it swept through New York City. The total damage amounted to billions of dollars and home owners were the ones who were hit the hardest by this hurricane. Unfortunately, not everyone in the city is able to recover from the damages caused by this hurricane even with the many emergency services with the relief efforts. The vast majority of people in NYC were under water and now have toxic mold lurking in their homes, of the many afflicted by this mold issue, most have been unable to remove the toxic mold and repair their properties it due to lack of help from emergency services, insurance companies, and cash constraints.

It is for this reason that Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc and Moty Katz came together to lobby for more attention to this major health concern for New York City especially with Spring just around the corner. Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc.’s efforts for Hurricane Sandy relief has been extensive from lobbying for more relief efforts, relief funding, stricter guidelines for devious Mold contractors, by working with mainstream media, releasing public warnings about the health affects of and the mold epidemic in NYC in general, to forming a fund aimed at helping low income families who are unable to remove mold from their homes.

Mold and flood water can be very dangerous to people’s health especially when they are exposed to them for a long time. It is for this reason that Five Boro Mold Specialist INC and Moty Katz started a fund to remove these molds. Five Boro Mold Specialist Inc provides its specialists for the project at very little to no cost to those that qualify. This is very beneficial to low income home owners and renters as they do not have to incur more cost on top of the losses that have already been brought upon them by Superstorm Sandy.

“In light of Hurricane Sandy flooding, thousands upon thousands of people in the NYC area are at risk not only from toxic mold infestations, but also from other hazardous materials contaminated by raw sewage and flood waters”. Stated Moty Katz of Five Boro Mold Specialist INC.

Before removing toxic mold, the Staten Island mold inspections and Staten Island mold removal companies should take samples that are tested in laboratories so as to determine the type of mold present. The information gathered is very important as it enables the professionals to identify the most vicious of molds. In addition, Five Boro Mold Specialist INC saves, catalogs, and cross references all data as they are able to follow the mutations and evolution of these toxic molds so that they can come up with better solutions for combating toxic mold infestations. As a result, they are able to stay ahead of the proverbial “game” when it comes to eradicating toxic mold problems more efficiently and effectively.

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