Stayover mainstay for many tourism staff

Cayman Neww Service

Cruise ship visits Grand Cayman

(CNS): A survey conducted by the tourism ministry has revealed that Caymanian tourism workers and small business owners who have been displaced from their jobs and living by the border closures and have been receiving the government stipend are much more dependent on the stay-over sector than cruise tourism. Despite claims by the previous government that many thousands of Caymanians depended entirely on cruise ships to survive, as it justified the controversial but now abandoned cruise berthing project, this latest survey reveals that it is overnight guests that sustain 64% of the sector, while the 36% who say cruise is their primary focus also service overnight guests.

Among the more than 3,100 people from the tourism sector who have been receiving a stipend from the government and took part in this survey by the ministry, only 17 men who work on the tenders are entirely dependent on the cruise business for their livelihood. The other…