Stella-Jones Reports Director Election Results – Press Release

MONTREAL, May 10, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Stella-Jones Inc. SJ (“Stella-Jones” or the “Company”) today announced its director election results following its Annual Meeting of Shareholders (“Meeting”), held this morning.

All of the nominees proposed as directors in the Company’s Management Information Circular dated March 14, 2023 were elected to the Board of Directors of Stella-Jones by a majority of the votes cast by shareholders at the Meeting or represented by proxy at the Meeting. Detailed voting results for the election of directors were as follows:

Nominee Votes for Votes Against
# % #
Robert Coallier 46,253,996 96.55 1,651,809   3.4
Anne E. Giardini 46,249,960 96.55 1,654,145   3.5
Rhodri J. Harries 47,763,845 99.70 141,960   0.3
Karen Laflamme 47,023,668 98.16 882,137   1.8
Katherine A. Lehman 46,644,295 97.37 1,259,810   2.6
James A. Manzi, Jr. 46,982,583 98.07 923,222   1.9
Douglas Muzyka 45,392,314 94.75 2,513,491   5.2
Sara O’Brien 46,480,540 97.02 1,425,265   3.0
Simon Pelletier 45,507,082 94.99 2,398,723   5.0
Éric Vachon 47,768,209 99.71 137,596   0.3

Additionally, the advisory vote on executive compensation (Say on Pay) received 91.72% approval.

Results on all matters voted at the Meeting are available on SEDAR at


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