Stop the Beluga Whale Export from Marineland Canada to Mystic Aquarium in U.S.


TORONTO, April 13, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Last Chance for Animals (LCA), an international animal rights organization, launched a new video calling on Canada’s Federal Liberal Fisheries Minister, the Honourable Bernadette Jordan, to reject an export permit requested by Marineland Canada to export 5 Beluga whales to Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, CT.

The video, designed to raise awareness of the issue and to place pressure on the Minister to deny the permit, can be found here:

To date, Minister Jordan has not issued the permit. Her office has confirmed via email that “the exportation of the 5 Beluga whales from Marineland to Mystic Aquarium has been delayed until Marineland is able to provide sufficient information.” While LCA is pleased with the delay and diligence of Minister Jordan’s office, it reiterates its call to reject the export permit.

“These Beluga whales, Sahara, Jetta, Kharabali, Havok, and Havana, need our protection. We ask the Minister to exercise her authority to reject Marineland’s export permit request; clearly, finally and soon.” Chris DeRose, President & Founder of Last Chance for Animals.

In order for the export to occur, an export permit needs to be issued by Canada, and an import permit needs to be issued by the United States. LCA and Friends of Animals are legally challenging the import permit in Connecticut. The U.S. government has issued the permit to import the whales, which is valid for five years and prohibits captive breeding. However, breeding would not be prohibited after the permit expires.

Exporting the whales out of Canada will remove them from the hard-fought protections under the recently passed, Ending the Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act (Previously Bill S-203). The Act is aimed at phasing out the captivity of these majestic creatures and reflects positive steps by the Canadian government to recognize their intelligence as well as the harmful effects of captivity. The Act prohibits the breeding of whales, dolphins, and porpoises, using them in performances for entertainment purposes, and restricts importing and exporting. The belugas would not have similar protection if exported out of Canada.

Exporting the whales from Marineland to Connecticut sever the belugas’ social bonds with their family and friends and would take at least ten hours, which LCA believes would be traumatic and potentially fatal for the whales. The whales would have to be captured, hoisted out of their tanks with cranes, transported on trucks, wait to board their aircraft, fly to Connecticut, be unloaded from the plane, and transported again by truck to Mystic Aquarium.

LCA strongly believes the whales must stay in Canada, where they will be protected under Canadian law. LCA calls upon Federal Liberal Fisheries Minister, Bernadette Jordan, to deny Marineland’s request for an export permit. LCA believes issuing the export permit will have a detrimental effect on the whales and perpetuate the suffering of captive whales by making them vulnerable to breeding following the expiration date of the import permit. Exporting the whales is in direct conflict with the intention of Canada’s law, Ending the Captivity of Whales and Dolphins Act.

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