STRATTEC SECURITY CORPORATION Vehicle Access Systems Technology LLC (VAST) and S… – Press Release


MILWAUKEE, Wis., June 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — STRATTEC SECURITY CORPORATION (“STRATTEC” or the “Company”) STRT today announced that it has entered into and subsequently completed the transactions contemplated by an Equity Restructuring Agreement (Restructuring Agreement) between the Company and WITTE Automotive GmbH (WITTE) related to both the Company’s Vehicle Access Systems Technologies LLC (VAST LLC) joint venture and its STRATTEC Power Access LLC (SPA) joint venture. STRATTEC and WITTE closed on the transactions in the Restructuring Agreement effective as of June 30, 2023. Prior to the closing of the Restructuring Agreement, STRATTEC was a one-third owner of the VAST LLC joint venture with WITTE and ADAC Plastics, Inc. Under the terms of the Restructuring Agreement, STRATTEC agreed to sell to WITTE its one-third interest in VAST LLC for a net purchase price of $18,500,000 (subject to adjustments for any required tax obligations, transaction expenses and fees incurred by the Company under the Restructuring Agreement) plus STRATTEC received ownership of: (1) WITTE’s 20% minority interest in STRATTEC Power Access LLC (SPA), a Delaware limited liability company formed in the Company’s 2009 fiscal year to supply the North American portion of the Power Sliding Doors, Liftgates, Tailgates, Deck Lids and other Access Control System products which were acquired from Delphi Corporation in 2009; and (2) the net assets of VAST LLC’s Korea branch office, which business will be operated by a newly registered Korea branch of the Company, following the closing of the Restructuring Agreement.

Frank Krejci, President and CEO commented: “After over two decades of a business Alliance and JV partnership with WITTE, we jointly came to the conclusion that the changing technology in the auto industry, changes in our respective product lines and shifts in global commerce necessitated a rethink of our business relationship. The primary result of this rethinking is the sale of our…