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08/02/2012 (press release: OnlinePR) // Paula Wilding

New research has indicated that both Britain’s domestic and the global retail sector are poised for rapid change over the coming years, as the sustained growth in the popularity of online shopping continues to influence consumers’ habits.

According to research carried out by outsourcing, consulting and professional services giant Capgemini, the coming years are likely to see more and more bricks-and-mortar retail outlets become more like showrooms, in which consumers can select and order products. The Digital Shopper Relevancy survey, which polled some 16,000 shoppers across 16 developing and mature economies, also suggested that consumers increasingly expect a seamless, integrated, multichannel retail experience.

“Although these findings come as no surprise bearing in mind the rapid recent growth in e-commerce, they offer a fascinating insight into the potential future direction of the retail industry,” said Steve Muchmore, Head of Ecommerce at TJ Hughes. “Convenience is the number one watchword in modern retail, and any retailers that fail to keep up with the rapid evolution of consumer habits risk falling by the wayside. That’s why TJ Hughes offers outstanding value and a wide selection of goods, handily available from our website or in store.”

The Capgemini report noted that shoppers have little loyalty to one particular channel, be it physical, online or mobile, with 60 per cent of those polled saying they expected a converged retail experience to be standard by 2014. Intriguingly, half of respondents did not feel that some retailers were consistent in the way they presented themselves across different channels.

Online retail was found to be particularly popular among consumers in developed countries, with 80 per cent stating that they considered internet shopping to be important or very important. The study pointed to immense potential for further expansion over the coming years, with shoppers showing an increasing interest in emerging channels such as social media, in-store kiosks and mobile apps.

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About TJ Hughes:

Since opening its first store in Liverpool in 1912, TJ Hughes has gone on to become one of the longest-established names in British retail, building up a reputation for quality and affordability. Recent years have seen the company move increasingly into online retail, following an initial e-commerce trial in 2005. The firm subsequently sought to gradually build up its online presence and in 2011, TJ Hughes significantly extended the range of goods available to consumers through its website and offers everything from patio furniture to home entertainment.

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