Support Needy in Israel – Perfect Chanukkah Present – Israel Food Card for Families and Elderly

/ A wonderful Hanukkah gift. Donations help fund food cards that underprivileged use to buy necessities in grocery stores. 100% of donation goes towards the cards, with all administrative fees paid for by store chain discounts.
Cards are distributed without discrimination.

Food4Israel has launched a website for donating to the Israel National Food Card, distributed to over 6,000 underprivileged families in Israel. Cards are used to buy food and other necessities (no tobacco or alcohol) in major grocery chain stores. The chains give JAR (Jewish Assistance and Relief), who runs the program, a rebate that is use to fund the administrative expenses, so that 100% of donations go towards funds to help put more nutritional meals on the table.

This is a wonderful Chanukah present and holiday charity gift that the donor can send with our HonorCards to friends and family members showing the charitable giving. Combining Chanukah, charitable giving and support of Israel makes for a most meaningful gift.

JAR is presently supporting over 6,000 families monthly, distributing 100,000 cards a year, including holiday food cards to needy families, totaling $5,000,000,000 annually.

Food cards are distributed without racial, religious or cultural discrimination of any kind.

Donations can be made by credit card or mailed in, with options for recurring charges on a monthly basis. Rewards points can also be redeemed from Verizon Small Biz, Wells Fargo Bank, other credit cards and employee incentives for donating. Check your rewards program catalogue to see if a CharityChoice Donation Gift Card is offered.

CharityChoice Gift Cards has partnered with JAR to create the website, with all of the functionality for donations, HonorCards and posting of the Chanukah and Israel themed graphics on Facebook friend’s walls.

About CharityChoice and JAR
CharityChoice is a pioneer and leader in charity gifts. JAR has been operating charitable programs for the elderly and underprivileged for over 15 years around the world.

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