Survey Shows Auto Insurance Companies Responding to Consumer’s Needs

02/02/2012 // Los Angeles, California, USA // // Online Auto Insurance

The results released this week from a J.D. Power survey of thousands of drivers who filed physical damage claims during the previous six months showed that car insurance companies are managing to keep customers relatively satisfied despite a surge of claims and an increase in wait times, according to Online Auto Insurance News.

The marketing information services company announced that the satisfaction levels of consumers who responded to a survey in November and December 2011 were virtually unchanged from the previous survey. But, surprisingly, the average time it took to repair insured vehicles rose from 7.8 days to 8.5 days—a 9 percent increase—during the same period.

J.D. Power regularly polls consumers on satisfaction with various types of interactions with their insurers to gauge public sentiment and to determine who the top rated car insurance providers are. Consumers who are shopping for a policy may want to review the company-specific rankings before making a purchase.

The reason for the increased repair times is said to be a rise in the volume of claims caused by recent weather events that have dealt widespread property damage.

Officials at J.D. Power say insurers were able to maintain their positive marks by keeping policyholders regularly updated on the status of their claims and making sure communication channels were open and accessible.

The officials said consumers who had more communication and updates from their coverage providers were more likely to be satisfied than those who had less communication.

Claims handling tends to be the area where policyholders most commonly find fault with their providers. When consumers are dissatisfied with the process, they should take the issue up with their insurers. But when policyholders and auto insurance companies are unable to resolve their differences, it may be necessary to bring the issue to the attention of state regulators, a directory of which can be found at

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