Sustainability Symposium 2021: The Big Picture of Climate and the Housing Industry


Lake City, Colo., April 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — COVID, along with unbridled social unrest, historic wildfires, and devastating superstorms, rocked us to our core in 2020. With a vaccine around the corner, light is appearing at the end of the tunnel, but there is no going back to how we used to live before the pandemic. 

What will change, and do we have the courage to #BuildBackBetter?

Join Green Builder Media and leading sustainability experts, climate scientists, building industry influencers, and business executives as we explore fundamental shifts in our collective psyche resulting from the pandemic, and the urgent choices that we need to make to create a just, sustainable, and climate-safe system—one that balances economic vibrancy with social equality and environmental stewardship.  

Here are some of the speakers and topics at the Sustainability Symposium 2021: 

  • How to Win the New Climate War–The Plan to Take Back Our Planet from the Polluters: climate scientist Michael Mann
  • Net Positive Imperative: How Businesses Thrive in a Volatile Time By Helping the World Thrive: sustainable business expert and author Andrew Winston
  • We Are Entering the Climate Decade: venture capitalist Andrew Beebe
  • State of the Building Industry: Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman
  • Climate Action in the 117th Congress–Advancing the Equitable, Resilient, Clean Energy Revolution: House Select Committee on the Climate Crisis: senior counsel Samantha Medlock
  • Why the Housing Industry Is Long Overdue for Disruption: architect and building scientist Sam Rashkin
  • Vanguard Leadership–A New Day for the Building Industry: Thrive Homebuilders CEO and Founder Gene Myers

“Consumers are certainly making different lifestyle choices due to the pandemic, and while COVID may prove to be a turning point for adopting healthier habits, it’s not enough,” says Green Builder Media CEO Sara Gutterman. “Incremental change isn’t enough if we’re going to successfully manage our ever-escalating climate challenges. We need a sea change. The Sustainability Symposium 2021 is designed to help facilitate that type of dramatic shift.”

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