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What Are The Effects Of Corrosion?

Air pollution causes corrosion, and it’s becoming worse worldwide.

Deep Dive Into Air Purifiers Such As The CamCleaner

Throughout the world, pollution is getting worse, and indoor air is nearly as bad as what you find outdoors. Are air purifiers the solution?

Camfil USA Air Filtration Introduces New CITY M Product

Camfil is now providing an air filter unit for smaller spaces, such as waiting rooms and hospitals, to bring clean air to everyone possible.

Camfil Air Filter Receives ‘Editor’s Choice’ For Pollution-Fighting Capabilities

Innovative design earns Camfil air filter accolade from Pollution Engineering magazine

Air Filters Approach Saves Food Company $56,000 Says Camfil Air Filter...

By switching to more efficient designs, company now uses less than 600 air filters yearly—down from more than 2,200. Result: lower costs and higher performance.

Pharma Co. Discovers the Efficiency and Clean Air of An Innovative...

Head-to-head testing shows how Camfil Farr commercial air filters vastly outperform traditional designs over time. The secret: fine fiber media.

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