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Top Reasons You Need to Be Using HEPA Filters

Learn why HEPA filters are your best bet says leading HEPA Filters Leader Camfil

Food Contamination: Are You Eating and Drinking Harmful Particulates?

Without effective air filtration, food and beverages can become contaminated due to poor air quality

New Gadget Highlights Growing Concern About Indoor Air Pollution

In China and other pollution-prone regions, measuring – and improving – indoor air quality is becoming increasingly important

Camfil Air Filter Company Reports – Air Filtration Reduces Risk of...

Key filtration conference to include session on how cutting-edge air filters can beat back harmful viruses at nation’s swine farms

Camfil: Air Pollution Classified a Carcinogen by Leading Int’l. Cancer Agency

International Agency for Research on Cancer—part of the World Health Organization—concludes air pollution is a leading environmental cause of cancer deaths.

Canada’s Algoma University Wins Camfil 5-Star Energy Award

Using high-efficiency air filters across campus, Algoma boosts sustainability, savings, and the health of students and faculty

New Research Stresses Importance of Life Cycle Costs for Facilities Management

By looking at the lifetime costs of building products like air filters, companies can achieve significant long-term savings says Camfil

Camfil Air Filter Company Featured in 2013 Global Compact International Yearbook

In the UN’s premier sustainability pub Camfil highlights the lower costs, energy efficiency and improved indoor air quality possible with innovative air filters

Camfil Invests in Energy Efficiency — and Invests in the Future

At long-time manufacturing facility, nearly $2 million in improvements enable energy saving air filters to be made more efficiently.

Pharma Co. Discovers the Efficiency and Clean Air of An Innovative...

Head-to-head testing shows how Camfil Farr commercial air filters vastly outperform traditional designs over time. The secret: fine fiber media.

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