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What Is an Air Filter MERV Rating and Why Is It...

Boulder, CO, US, 04/28/2021 / SubmitMyPR /Few characteristics in the spaces where we work and live are as important as the air we...

Food Contamination: Are You Eating and Drinking Harmful Particulates?

Without effective air filtration, food and beverages can become contaminated due to poor air quality

Air Filtration: What You Can Learn from Carbon Monoxide Scare in...

Recent carbon monoxide scare inside Canadian airport shows that poor airport terminal air quality poses health risks to workers and to the public

Camfil USA Air Filtration Introduces New CITY M Product

Camfil is now providing an air filter unit for smaller spaces, such as waiting rooms and hospitals, to bring clean air to everyone possible.

Hospitals Risk Losing Medicare Payments if Infections Aren’t Reduced

With lives at risk, health care facilities need to step up prevention via effective air filtration and other measures

Air Filters Approach Saves Food Company $56,000 Says Camfil Air Filter...

By switching to more efficient designs, company now uses less than 600 air filters yearly—down from more than 2,200. Result: lower costs and higher performance.

New Studies Confirm the Perils of Air Pollution

Exposure to pollutants increases lung cancer, heart failure risk -- but effective air filters can keep perilous particles out of indoor air.

Air Filters Update – Particle Pollution: The Invisible Danger

Impossible to see, harmful indoor particles can trigger illness, even death -- but effective air filtration can beat back the threat

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