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Pakistani man wins hearts after Bollywood style chase for wallet owner...

LONDON: A chartered accountant and educationist from Lahore has won hearts on social media with a moving account of how he managed to...

Dilip Kumar passes away: Pakistani politicians mourn Bollywood icon’s demise –...

Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar passed away Wednesday at the age of 98, leaving fans in South Asia sad and mourning his demise. Thousands across...

Watch: When Bollywood legend Dilip Kumar lavished praise on Imran Khan...

Bollywood icon Dilip Kumar, who passed away today (Wednesday), once lavished praise on Prime Minister Imran Khan at an event a couple of...

Omer Pasha Music Videos (Bollywood Edition) is Now Officially Released.

A compilation of 50 music videos by Bollywood actor and singer Omer Pasha has been released online, blue-ray disc and promotional DVD edition for certain upcoming film festival markets in Los Angeles.

Scathing Open Letter Calls On President Obama To Pardon Marissa Alexander

Black Celebrities Accused Of Exploiting Teen's Death

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