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PPM requires cruise coverage as numbers fall

Carnival cruise ship in George Town (CNS): Opposition Leader Roy McTaggart (GTE) and his PPM colleague, Joey Hew (GTN), the deputy leader, took aim...

Coverage for seashore merchandising heads to Cupboard

Beach chairs on Seven Mile Beach (CNS): The government plans to adopt a policy created by the Public Lands Commission to deal with the...

Little Cayman residents furious over horrible Move service

(CNS): Over 60% of the people who live on Little Cayman have filed a formal complaint to OfReg about what they say is...

Trademark enterprise helps pad public purse

(CNS): The Cayman Islands Intellectual Property Office (CIIPO) saw record-breaking levels of trademark business last year after it approved 568 registrations for company...

Opposition questions alternative of tourism promos

(CNS): Opposition Leader Roy McTaggart (GTE) questioned government last week about two odd choices the Department of Tourism had made to promote the...

Companies need masks mandate dropped

(CNS): Shomari Scott, the President of the Chamber of Commerce, has called on the government to lift the indoor mask mandate for all...

Ministry finds additional $4.9M to prop up tour operators

(CNS): The government is continuing to prop up tourism-related businesses until visitor numbers return to more sustainable levels, according to a release from...

PACT seeks consultants for brand spanking new cruise coverage

(CNS): The tourism ministry is looking for help to come up with a new long-term cruise strategy as well as a new policy...

CI$4 million out there for tourism operators

(CNS): Micro and small businesses that offer tourism related services and have been impacted by the border closure are being offered a new...

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