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Supreme Court To Rule Again On Arbitration, Class Action Lawsuits in...

Amex vs. Italian Colors case raises new questions regarding class actions and arbitration, says LA consumer protection lawyer Carey Been.

Mandatory Arbitration: What You Should Know & How To Protect Yourself

What you should know about mandatory arbitration agreements in your financial contracts, reports Carey Been, a Los Angeles consumer protection attorney.

Alere Home Monitoring Data Breach Affects More Than 100,000 Patients

2012 has seen a slew of serious data breaches compromising private medical and personal information reports Bay Area consumer protection lawyer Carey Been.

Report Highlights Concepcion Disaster Notes Bay Area Consumer Protection Lawyer

In one year since Concepcion, consumers have been dealt several blows in court, Bay Area consumer protection attorney Carey Been.

CA Consumer Protection Lawyer: Courts Close Calif.’s Injunctive Relief Escape

A federal court ruled that Concepcion has closed the arbitration escape hatch for consumers, Bay Area consumer protection lawyer Eric Grover reports.

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