Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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Santa Monica Transit Discrimination Lawsuit Changes Employment Landscape in CA

The state Supreme Court has ruled in a pregnancy bias lawsuit that may change how discrimination lawsuits are handled, says LA employment lawyer Eric Grover.

Supreme Court May Impose More Restrictions on Class Actions

The Supreme Court is deciding if the certification of class actions should have stricter requirements, says San Francisco consumer protection lawyer.

Central Calif. Hospital to Pay $975K in Filipino Nurse Discrimination Lawsuit

Delano Regional Medical Center ordered to pay $975k in a workplace discrimination lawsuit, says Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Grover.

Wet Seal’s Company ‘Image’ Results In Employment Lawsuit

Once again a retailer chain’s attempt to maintain their brand image results in a discrimination lawsuit, reports Bay Area Employment Lawyer Eric Grover.

Bay Area Employment Lawyer: Costco Gender Discrimination Suit Not A Class...

An appeals court ruled the gender discrimination suit against Costco doesn't meet class-action requirements, says California employment law firm Keller Grover.

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