Tuesday, May 17, 2022
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Disney ship triggers phased cruise return

(CNS): Premier Wayne Panton has said the return of cruise ships reflects the “balanced and pragmatic approach” the government has taken to the...

Disney braces for additional walkouts as staff categorical discontent with CEO...

Disney versus Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is far from over. And Disney is the state's largest private-sector employer, so this is a battle...

Disney World and Disneyland to once more require masks indoors no...

The company announced on Wednesday that it was adapting its health and safety guidelines based on "guidance from health and government officials." The...

Disney unveils a real-life lightsaber

Disney Parks released a very short clip of what appears to be a working lightsaber on Tuesday, May 4, which is known as...

Disney Actor Turned Bad-Boy Receives 14 Stitches After Scuffle With Paparazzi

The once innocent face of Disney ended up in the hospital yesterday after yet another run-in with a group of paparazzi.

StarWalk Kids Media Wins Two Parents’ Choice® “Small Screen” Awards

StarWalk Kids wins Parents Choice Award: “Easy to use website that provides quality books at an affordable cost…more desirable than typical digital book sites.”

Disney’s ‘Habit Heroes’ Epcot Exhibit Raises Eyebrows

Controversy is swirling around Disney's anti-obesity exhibit, some claim Disney isn't the right place for this type of exhibit.

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