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What You Need To Know About Mental Health And Drug Addiction...

The link between these proposals and what is happening in New Jersey is clear

Debunking 5 Common Drug Addiction Stereotypes

When a lot of people think of someone who struggles with a drug or alcohol problem, they picture a “junkie”.

Investigation Reveals Drug Use By Navy SEALs Says NJ Addiction Treatment...

A CBS News report says the Navy’s Special Ops, including the SEALs, has a broad drug problem, reports Summit Behavioral Health, a NJ addiction treatment center

Is Addiction A Choice or Disease? Answers Offered By Addiction Treatment...

Addiction treatment experts weigh in on both sides of the debate as to whether drug or alcohol addiction are the result of bad choices or an illness.

Addiction Treatment Center Offers 5 Steps That May Save Your Life...

Summit Behavioral Health explains how to talk to your employer about your addiction so you can keep your job and get the lifesaving help you need.

Introducing When Your Heart Belongs To An Addict: A Healing Perspective

Mother uses personal story to help others with addicted loved ones

Learn The Nine Signs Of Elder Prescription Drug Addiction

As the population gets older pain and loneliness can lead to prescription drug addiction among seniors.

The Five Most Important Signs Of Drug Addiction To Know

Drug addiction has many signs; these are the five most important to know so you can recognize them early, which is key to treating the disease.

Does Drug Addiction Have To Lead To Divorce?

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint just how many marriages fail due to drug addiction, substance abuse is a leading factor in divorce cases across the country.

Drug Addiction: The Shocking And Disastrous Tie To Trauma Exposed

Summit Behavioral Health, a New Jersey drug addiction treatment center, reveals the shocking risk factors between trauma and addiction.

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