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The New Year Rings In New Changes to California Labor Laws

New California labor laws are taking effect in 2013, says Eric Grover, a Los Angeles employment attorney.

Lawsuit Spotlights Working Mothers’ Rights and Breast Feeding On The Job

An employment lawsuit is bringing mother's right in the workplace into the spotlight, says Eric Grover, a Los Angeles employment lawyer.

Central Calif. Hospital to Pay $975K in Filipino Nurse Discrimination Lawsuit

Delano Regional Medical Center ordered to pay $975k in a workplace discrimination lawsuit, says Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Grover.

Fox’s Modern Family Cast Files Employment Lawsuit

The suit alleges violations of California labor laws reports LA employment attorney, Eric Grover

California Security Company Ordered to Pay $90M in Class Action Suit

A $90 million judgment was awarded to 15,000 security guards for alleged labor law violations, states LA employment lawyer Eric Grover.

Bay Area Men Claim In-N-Out Burger Discriminates in Hiring Process

A class-action lawsuit accuses In-N-Out Burger of discriminating against African Americans and older workers, reports Bay Area employment lawyer Eric Grover.

Facebook ‘Like’ Isn’t Protected Speech Notes Los Angeles Employment Lawyer

Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Grover reports that a Judge has ruled that a Facebook 'Like' isn't protected speech, and can cost you your job.

California Employment Lawyer: 10 Ways Your Business Could End Up In...

California employment attorney Eric Grover of Keller Grover LLP, educates on 10 ways your business can get sued.

California Employment Lawyer: Facebook Privacy to Shape Employment Landscape

The debate begins on whether it is illegal for employers to request job applicants' social media passwords, reports California employment attorney Eric Grover.

Los Angeles Employment Attorney: Appeals Court Reverses $15M Award in USB...

An appeals court has reversed a $15 million class action brought against U.S. Bank National Association, reports California employment lawyer Eric Grover.

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