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New York Lawmakers Leaves Service Staff Without Minimum Wage Adjustment

“The minimum wage increase will not be extended to workers who earn the majority of their income from tips,” says LA employment lawyer Eric Grover.

Employment Lawyer Report: NLRB Weighs In On Workplace Social Media Policies

“Workers now have the right to discuss work conditions freely on social media,” reports Bay Area employment lawyer Eric Grover.

Justin Bieber’s Former Bodyguard Files Employment Lawsuit

Justin Bieber's former bodyguard files a lawsuit after he was allegedly assaulted by the popstar, says Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Grover.

The New Year Rings In New Changes to California Labor Laws

New California labor laws are taking effect in 2013, says Eric Grover, a Los Angeles employment attorney.

Lawsuit Spotlights Working Mothers’ Rights and Breast Feeding On The Job

An employment lawsuit is bringing mother's right in the workplace into the spotlight, says Eric Grover, a Los Angeles employment lawyer.

EEOC Sues Calif. Security Company for Pregnancy Discrimination

Quest Intelligence Group is accused of not allowing an employee to return to work after maternity leave, says San Francisco employment lawyer Eric Grover.

NLRB Determines Some Facebook Postings Don’t Have Federal Labor Law Protections

The NLRB ruled some social media postings aren't protected under federal labor laws and can result in termination, Bay Area employment lawyer Eric Grover says.

Central Calif. Hospital to Pay $975K in Filipino Nurse Discrimination Lawsuit

Delano Regional Medical Center ordered to pay $975k in a workplace discrimination lawsuit, says Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Grover.

Darden Restaurants Face Federal Lawsuit Over Server Wages

Darden Restaurants is accused of requiring employees work off the block in a federal lawsuit, Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Grover reports.

Disneyland Charged with Discrimination, Harassment in Employment Lawsuit

A Disneyland employee claims she lost her job and was harassed due to her religious head scarf and religion, says Los Angeles employment lawyer Eric Grover.

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