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Covid lifted Prague’s hangover. Now the town desires to stop partying

(CNN) — Strolling across the Charles Bridge or having a dinner under Prague's famous Astronomical Clock is not something most locals would consider...

The world went on a debt binge final yr. There could...

Spurred on by rock-bottom rates, governments issued $16.3 trillion in debt in 2020, and they're expected to borrow another $12.6 trillion this year,...

All-Natural Beverage Looks to Rid the Nation of Hangovers and Dehydration

Liquid I.V. is an all-natural beverage that rapidly rehydrates the body. It is the ultimate hangover remedy. We call it our “IV in a bottle.”

FDA Approves Pill to Curb Hangovers

A new pill is about to hit the market to help with consumer's hangovers, after partying a little too hard.

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