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San Francisco Consumer Protection Lawyer: High Court Favors Big Business- Again!

The Supreme Court overturned a ban on arbitration under the CROA, reported the California consumer protection lawyer Jeffrey Keller.

Bay Area Employment Lawyer: Oracle Lawsuit Judgment Overturned on Appeal

The appeals court has overturned the summary judgment for two of three claims brought against Oracle, reports California wage and hour attorney Jeffrey Keller.

California Employment Attorney: Afghan War Veteran Sues Employer for Job Loss

An Afghanistan war veteran sued his former employer for failing to keep his job available, reports the San Francisco employment lawyer Jeffrey Keller.

Bay Area Employment Lawyer: Law Schools Slammed Over Misleading Job Outlook

Several law schools across the U.S. are accused of misrepresenting the job outlook to students, reports the San Francisco consumer protection attorney.

Bay Area Employment Lawyer: Costco Gender Discrimination Suit Not A Class...

An appeals court ruled the gender discrimination suit against Costco doesn't meet class-action requirements, says California employment law firm Keller Grover.

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