Monday, March 8, 2021
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Crowd funding Website Design & Development

AFCORPCA is a long established with 7 years of experience offering web services

Revolutionary UVLCD 3D Printer Technology Raises Over $400k on Kickstarter

iBox Printers raises over $400k of funding for the iBox Nano 3D Printer utilizing a revolutionary technology making it a first of its kind.

Developer LiveNow!Apps launches new IndieGoGo campaign to fund the efforts

LiveNow!TV allows users to watch and record live tv. To date, a total of 650,000 users on Google Play and Amazon Market.

OUTLAW INC. Launches Indiegogo and Kickstarter Campaigns

OUTLAW INC.'s Anticipated Debut Album:"667 Beyond Evil, Baby!"; New Studio, Album And Show Will Cost Less Deliver More

Is Kate Borkowski’s model an antidote for today’s ailing music industry?

Beautiful Little Fools, Borkowski’s exquisite (and unreleased) debut album, is among the must-hear albums today.

Santa Fe, New Mexico Artist & Author’s Memoir heads to film

Kickstarter offers funding for the Narrative Film, Norma Jean's Sun, Memoir production scheduled for release Spring 2014.

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