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Germany Covid-19: The celebrities of absurd vaccination publicity marketing campaign

From spending millions on videos deemed insensitive, commissioning an alleged Hamas supporter to promote the vaccine for the country's Arabic-speaking population to getting...

KISS PR Story offers artists and musicians an efficient service to...

Dallas, TX , March 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Kiss PR Digital Stands Out As A Fantastic Resource For Creators, Influencers,...

We Will Power Up Your Social Media Outlets Fast!

PR Publicity and Marketing is responsible for creating buzz and publicity for people and brands. We had unlocked some of the best social media’s tools.

Evauator Teaches Immigration Attorneys Marketing … FREE

Immigration attorneys: receive a $19.95 book on how to market your practice FREE by a foreign credential evaluator who know how an immigration practice works.

US Tour: Non-Fiction Title “Among Murderers And Madness”

AP credentialed satellite media tour is currently underway for Non-Fiction Author Sonny Long.

Get More Bookings/Get New Investors! Publicity Service for Actors/Filmmakers

Our company is taking advantage of platforms like IMDB, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter to engage your projects with an audience in real time.

Increase Your IMDB Starmeter and Promote Your Acting Page or Film...

Our social media publicity experts, Twitter, Facebook,Youtube, IMDB PR, and optimization specialists will help you create an impressive online visibility.

Increase Your IMDB Startmeter and Promote Your Acting Page of Film...

PR Fast Marketing is Offering the Following Services: IMDB PR and Marketing Twitter PR and Marketing Facebook PR and Marketing Other Publicity Services

Launch of NEW Low Cost Social Media Marketing, Publicity, Copywriting &...

Entrepreneurs, Momprenuers, Small Businesses & Companies in All Industries Can Compete on an Even Playing Field Without Breaking the Bank in a Tough Economy

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