Tuesday, December 6, 2022
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T20 World Cup: Organisers tweak remaining’s guidelines to permit extra taking...

The final will be played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, which holds more than 90,000 spectatorsVenue: Melbourne Cricket Ground Date: 13 November Time:...

England in Pakistan: Moeen Ali guidelines out return for Take a...

England won their recent T20 series in Pakistan 4-3 under Moeen's leadershipAll-rounder Moeen Ali has ruled out a Test comeback for England's tour...

Nasdaq’s new range guidelines aren’t sufficient

Good thing those numbers are finally rising, because today also marks an important deadline for all Nasdaq-listed companies: They must fill out a...

CDC ditches COVID guidelines for all cruise ships

(CNS): The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has lifted its COVID-19 voluntary restriction programme for cruise ships, ending all official...

Whip guidelines: Jockeys to be disqualified for severe breaches

The new whip rules could come into force later this yearHorses whose jockeys seriously breach whip rules will be disqualified under new plans...

EU agrees guidelines to tame ‘Wild West’ crypto market

Globally, crypto assets are largely unregulated, with national operators in the EU only required to show controls for combating money laundering.Representatives from the...

OfReg guidelines in C3 entry row with Stream

(CNS): A long-running dispute between local broadband service providers Flow and C3 has been resolved following arbitration proceedings mediated by OfReg, the utilities...

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