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Calif. Case Raises Issue of Employee Privacy in Yum! Brands Employment...

An appeals court determined privacy rights can be violated verbally, says San Francisco employment lawyer Eric Grover

EEOC Sues Calif. Security Company for Pregnancy Discrimination

Quest Intelligence Group is accused of not allowing an employee to return to work after maternity leave, says San Francisco employment lawyer Eric Grover.

San Francisco Employment Lawyer: Calif. Workers Lose as FAAAA Trumps State...

A judge ruled against truckers who say they are deprived rest and meal breaks, citing FAAAA pre-emption, reports California employment lawyer Eric Grover.

CA Employment Lawyer: Unpaid Harper’s Bazaar Intern Sues Hearst for Wages

An unpaid intern has sued Hearst Corporation for allegedly violating labor laws, reports San Francisco employment lawyer Eric Grover.

California Employment Attorney: Afghan War Veteran Sues Employer for Job Loss

An Afghanistan war veteran sued his former employer for failing to keep his job available, reports the San Francisco employment lawyer Jeffrey Keller.

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