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Howard Schultz: ‘I’m by no means coming again’ to Starbucks

"I am never coming back again because we found the right person," he said Wednesday on CNBC's Squawk Box. Last week, Starbucks...

Starbucks names Laxman Narasimhan as its subsequent CEO

Narasimhan will become incoming CEO at Starbucks on October 1. He will officially begin his role in April and will then join the...

Starbucks gross sales falter in China due to Covid restrictions

In the three months ending on July 3, sales at Starbucks' Chinese locations open at least 13 months dropped 44%. "China faced its...

Do not let Starbucks take away our public toilet

American cities are particularly lacking public toilets, and rather than deal with that directly, lawmakers have been content to let Starbucks and other...

Premarket shares: Why Starbucks stopped rewarding its stockholders

"While our growth this year will not be linear, we are confident our approach supports a profit positive company today and over the...

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