Friday, December 1, 2023
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5 Tips To Recovering A Good Night Sleep

Paul Lavella with Summit Behavioral Health Shares – tips to help you sleep

20 Celebrities Who Gave Up Alcohol For Sobriety

Sometimes, it helps to have a role model to look up to

Summit Behavioral Health’s Director To Appear At Recovery 360 Conference

Her presentation will provide clinicians and nurses with an understanding of the role of pharmacogenetics testing in co-occurring disorders

Chris Cornell’s Death Prompts Questions About Ativan

Ativan is mostly prescribed for short-term use

Drug Use And Depression Among Teens

An overwhelming number of teenagers remain addicted to powerful drugs

4 Ways Alcohol Harms Your Body

Long-term alcohol abuse can lead to an array of serious health problems

Drug Addiction In Bodybuilding – The Risks Of Long-term Steroid Use

When you think about someone who’s addicted to drugs, you probably picture someone who doesn’t care about their health

How To Support A Loved One Who Is Going Through Addiction

When you understand exactly what is happening to your loved one it’s easier to cope with the ups and downs

Debunking 5 Common Drug Addiction Stereotypes

When a lot of people think of someone who struggles with a drug or alcohol problem, they picture a “junkie”.

Why Is Fentanyl So Deadly?

Although fentanyl deaths have been reported across the country, some areas have been hit particularly hard

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