Saturday, December 2, 2023
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‘London’s skinniest home’ is in the marketplace for $1.3 million

A house billed as "possibly the skinniest house in London" is up for sale for £950,000 ($1.3 million).Just six feet wide and covering...

Denmark pins hopes on a Covid-19 vaccination passport

(CNN) — Like many countries around the world, Denmark is desperate to reopen the parts of its economy frozen by the pandemic. The...

Influencers take to social media to face towards Asian hate crimes...

Written by Stephy Chung, CNNFollowing a wave of anti-Asian hate crimes taking place in the US in recent weeks, prominent figures from across...

How China is devastating Australia’s billion-dollar wine trade

White lived in Shanghai for several years, setting up a network of distributors to sell his Jarressa Estate wine to the booming Chinese...

Myanmar police open fireplace on protesters in Mandalay leaving at the...

Stringers for CNN confirm that live rounds and tear gas were used to disperse people at an anti-coup protest in the city.In video...

Covid: Anti-vaccination protesters rally in Australia

Protesters in Australia have gathered to oppose the launch of the country's coronavirus vaccine programme.Rallies were held in cities including Melbourne, Sydney and...

King Mohammed VI Lays Out His Vision For A New Chapter...

HM King Mohammed VI presided, on Monday in Abidjan, over the opening ceremony of the Moroccan-Ivorian economic forum

Haiti and “Polisario”: Another blow to the Separatists

The government of Haïti announced the official withdrawal of its recognition of the “sadr”

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