Taliban assault on covert US base in Afghanistan complicates Biden withdrawal choice

Taliban attack on covert US base in Afghanistan complicates Biden withdrawal decision

Rockets landed near Forward Operating Base Chapman, a classified US military installation in eastern Afghanistan, and wounded seven civilians outside the base, according to a US official familiar with the details. During a second attack, a water tower was hit and a few rounds landed on the base, though no US personnel were killed or injured.

The attacks, which have not been widely reported, were followed by another in Kandahar this week, where Taliban rockets landed near a NATO air base used by US and coalition troops providing support to Afghan forces.

Keeping an intelligence presence

Top US officials have convened at an unusually high rate over the past month to discuss what to do in Afghanistan but have been unable to reach a consensus, multiple sources tell CNN.

During several closed-door meetings, senior leaders from “the big three” — the CIA, the Department of Defense and the State Department — have pushed somewhat divergent views on how the administration should move…