Talks with Taliban making ‘little or no progress’ as militant group good points momentum, says high Afghan official

Talks with Taliban making 'very little progress' as militant group gains momentum, says top Afghan official


Abdullah Abdullah, an Afghan official who leads the High Council for National Reconciliation, told CNN in an exclusive interview that talks between the two parties had made “very little progress” and were happening at a “very slow pace”.

Speaking from his residence in Kabul, the Afghan capital, Abdullah acknowledged that the Taliban has “gained momentum” following weeks of the militants releasing propaganda videos from military bases, claiming that Afghan forces had fled.

The Taliban has accused the Afghan government of not engaging with the intra-Afghan peace negotiations in Doha. “Our intention was to make some progress, but the opposite side was not interested in the peace talks,” Taliban political office spokesman Mohammad Naeem said in a video statement on the intra-Afghan negotiations, which was released yesterday and obtained by CNN.

Naeem accused the Afghan government’s negotiating team of being incomplete during May’s peace talks in Doha, due to some of its members being…