Tea Party Review November’s Cover Story: Is Herman Cain the Tea Party Candidate?

/EINPresswire.com/ Tea Party Review’s November issue looks at Herman Cain’s positions on Tea Party issues and asks if he is the most likely candidate to gain support from the Tea Party.

Tea Party Review magazine releases their fourth edition this weekend. The cover story of the November issue examines Herman Cain’s candidacy for the Republican nomination for the President of the United States from the Tea Party’s point of view. While the edition was put together before the sexual harassment allegations, the articles still give insight into why the Tea Party may still support Herman Cain when the dust settles.

“The principles that Mr. Cain espouses and his track record speak volumes,” said William Owens, publisher of the magazine. “While no one yet knows what happened, early evidence suggests that the Tea Party is not abandoning his candidacy based solely on a liberal-left media report. Our edition explains why the Tea Party is supporting Cain.”

As evidence to back his statement about the strong Tea Party support, Owens points to the record fundraising the campaign has had since the allegations services and report released on Wednesday that the accusations are not an issue to Iowa caucus goers.

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William Owens Publisher,
Tea Party Review
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