Texas Divorce Forms Video Officially Released by Online Divorce Forms Website

08/13/2012 (press release: diyinstitute) // Mission Viejo, CA, US // MyDivorcePapers.com

MyDivorcePapers.com, the online divorce forms site, announces the release of their Alabama divorce forms video, as well as the company’s Texas divorce forms video. The videos, which are designed to be informative, are featured on both the company’s YouTube page, as well as on the website itself. Those looking for a resource of information on specific state laws regarding divorce will be happy to see the results.

“Some people respond better to audio and video rather than text,” said Operations Manager, Lindsey Gonzalez. “We have been trying to establish MyDivorcePapers.com as an online divorce resource from Day 1, so naturally, anything we can do to help people find the information they need to get their divorce online is going to be something we pursue. We want everyone to have as easy of an experience as they can have getting through the divorce process.”

The company has decided to implement the Alabama and Texas divorce forms videos because of the high rate of divorce in both states. The remaining states are soon to follow, with those having higher rates taking precedent.

“We put a lot of time and effort into these videos,” said Daniel Fennell, part of the videography team responsible for creating the videos. “It is a no-fluff, strictly informative set of videos. They can be a bit dry, but everything in there is directly related to the divorce process and what people can come to expect from divorce in the scope of divorce law. We are particularly proud of the video for Texas divorce forms. With a running time of around 10 minutes it contains a lot of solid divorce information for those in Texas.”

“Part of the whole idea behind the process is that we offer people a solution that will help them have the easiest divorce possible,” said Gonzalez. “If that means saving people time by creating a video, then that is something that we are more than happy to do.”

Online divorce is quickly becoming more commonplace in the wake of a struggling economy. Additionally, as time has progressed and more and more people who grew up alongside computers and the internet, the apprehension many had about getting an online divorce is now dwindling.

“Many people are seeing that getting a divorce online is just as safe and just as valid as more traditional methods of getting your divorce papers,” said Gonzalez. “Our method simply takes less time, costs less money, and with a fraction of the frustration than those who go through the traditional divorce process.”

For more information about Texas divorce forms and Alabama divorce forms online please visit www dot mydivorcepapers dot com.

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