Thabo Bester jail escape: Homicide cost dropped in opposition to co-defendant in case of killer accused of faking his personal dying in South Africa

Thabo Bester prison escape: Murder charge dropped against co-defendant in case of killer accused of faking his own death in South Africa


South African prosecutors have dropped a murder charge against Zolile Sekeleni, the father of the girlfriend of high-profile convicted murderer Thabo Bester, who is accused of escaping from a South African prison after faking his own death in a fire, officials told CNN Monday.

Sekeleni’s daughter, Nandipha Magudumana, a prominent medical doctor and personality in South Africa was arrested on April 7 while on the run in Tanzania with Bester.

Dubbed “The Facebook rapist” in South Africa, Bester was serving a life sentence for the murder and rape of a model in 2012.

Bester, 35, allegedly faked his death by placing the charred remains of another man in his prison cell, officials said.

The couple were arrested with a Mozambican national by Tanzanian authorities last week in the border town of Arusha after fleeing South Africa and was subsequently…