‘That is Not America’s Flag:’ Artworks problem what it means to be from the USA

'This is Not America's Flag:' Artworks challenge what it means to be from the United States

Written by Stephanie Becker, CNNLos Angeles

From the time the Continental Congress gave the stars and stripes its stamp of approval in 1777 amid the American Revolution, the flag of the United States of America has been an emblematic symbol of patriotism; an image of national pride displayed in front of homes, waved at parades and raised with solemnity in ceremonies. But, when flown upside down, burned, or manipulated in color and design, the flag can also send a far more subversive message.

A new exhibition at the Broad Museum in Los Angeles, titled “This is Not America’s Flag,” seeks to explore this dichotomy by displaying a series of works centered on the flag, questioning what it means to be American today.

A response to George Floyd’s killing

Conceived during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, staff began work on the exhibition remotely in 2020 as protests erupted following the murder of George Floyd and the deaths of other Black Americans at the hands of police. With…