The 131st Canton Fair to host 150 online debut events – Benzinga – Press Release

GUANGZHOU, China, April 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) is introducing a debut campaign with 150 online events for companies to showcase their products on its platform, in which the Fair kicked off. The debut events will provide buyers around the world with innovative achievements in advanced technology, intelligent manufacturing, better lifestyle, low-carbon environmental protection and trade services.

“We have decided to present these showcases at the Canton Fair from more than 600 registered companies based on company qualification and product distinguishing features,” said Alan Liu, Deputy Director General of the Foreign Affairs Office of the Canton Fair, “Final presentation includes award-winning manufacturing champions, as well as products that are specialized in technology and innovation.”

The campaign is hosted by the China Foreign Trade Centre and forms a partnership between Canton Fair and leading industrial companies. It empowers companies to take an innovative path to foster new competitiveness and development in the domestic and international trade markets through digital approaches. Featured companies, such as Zongteng Group, the first service company in its industry that has a total area of overseas warehouses exceeding 1.2 million square meters, the renowned Cosco Shipping Company (Guangzhou) and so on, will show how the trade ecosystem and global trade efficiency can be further promoted through the “dual circulation”.

Intelligent manufacturing meets advanced technology

The campaign will present the new technology while in the meantime introducing the innovation in the traditional manufacturing.

The power and beauty of science and technology will be presented by more than 30 industry-leading companies, which will unveil innovative technologies and products, showing multiple scenarios that have integrated advanced technologies with lifestyle and daily production.

Participating companies not only include industrial…