The Advancing Health Online (AHO) Initiative Invests $5M through the Vaccine Con… – Press Release


ALEXANDRIA, VA, June 27, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global Impact, as fiscal sponsor for the Advancing Health Online (AHO) Initiative, is pleased to announce the selection of 11 organizations that will receive grants totaling $5 million through the Vaccine Confidence Fund. This is the second program of the Vaccine Confidence Fund (VCF). The Fund provides grants to researchers and organizations that are exploring how best to use behavioral science, social media, and digital platforms to build confidence in and access to vaccines.

“The Vaccine Confidence Fund is playing a crucial role in leveraging innovative research to demonstrate new ways in which social media platforms can play a positive role in societal health,” said Heidi Larson, Director of The Vaccine Confidence Project and Professor of Anthropology, Risk and Decision Science at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. “The VCF is bringing multiple disciplines together to take on this global health challenge to be more responsive to questions and concerns, as well as build public confidence in vaccines.”

Grantees were selected in a competitive, open process managed by Global Impact, the fiscal sponsor and Fund manager, with the support of the VCF Advisory Council, a small interdisciplinary group of domain experts from the vaccination confidence, public health, social media, and behavioral and data sciences fields.

“We believe social media can be a powerful tool for social impact. We are excited to see this research come to fruition so that social media can be scaled to its full potential as a tool to increase vaccine confidence and routine vaccination.” said Lu’chen Foster, Meta’s Director of Global Partners & Programs.

Grantees from the Fund were selected from a pool of almost 100 applicants and cover research topics touching all regions of the world with a strong focus on historically excluded or marginalized communities and authentic community engagement. This time research will focus on routine…