The Ashes 2023: England’s win at Headingley reveals chaos reigns on this collection – Felix White

Felix White


Felix White is a musician, author and co-host of the BBC’s Tailenders podcast.

In his fourth column for BBC Sport this summer, he discusses how chaos is the only constant in this gripping Ashes series, following England’s dramatic victory over Australia in the third Test.

Everything you dared imagine it might be. It was that.

But probably not in any of the ways you thought it would get there.

The third Ashes Test at Headingley, which England won by three wickets, was another jaw dropping, crazed, thing of see-sawing substance.

Under bat-friendly blue skies to bowl-friendly cloud cover to nothing-friendly thunder and back, it was a tingly, giddy form of Test cricket; ringing out our insides, calling our bluff, never once letting us drift into phones without fear of returning with no context whatsoever on the game situation.

And as we watched, eyes clamped open yet unsure whether it was out of will or torture, there were moments it appeared to tip into genuine chaos.

Cricket is a sitting…