The assassination of Haiti’s president is the most recent problem for CNN Heroes serving their nation

Three CNN Heroes shared their stories of the new danger and uncertainty they are now facing in the days since Moise’s killing.

Since 2007, Patrice Millet has been using soccer to educate children in some of Haiti’s poorest slums.

Millet, a 2011 CNN Hero, founded Foundation Notre-Dame du Perpétuel Secours (Foundation of Our Lady of Perpetual Help), or FONDAPS. The organization provides free equipment, coaching and food with the aim of teaching children how to become responsible citizens.
Patrice Millet, FONDAPS founder and 2011 CNN Hero

Currently, there are about 250 students in Millet’s program. But over the last four months, the threat of kidnapping from well-armed gangs has made it difficult for them to meet on the soccer fields, he said.

Millet, who spoke to CNN from Miami, said that the assassination of Moise shows how difficult it is to feel safe anywhere in Haiti right now.

“People can come like that and kill a president,” he said. “In the street now, you are nothing. Everybody can come and kill you for nothing. And this…