The Boys Of 98′ With Second College Tour “BUZZIN ACROSS AMERICA SZN 2” – Benzing… – Press Release

Social Media Brand Sets Across The Country In Round 2 Of Their College Tour

NEW YORK, May 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The international social media brand “The Boys Of 98′” yet again completed a college tour, this being there second. Taking the United States by storm, capturing the eyes of college students alike all over the country.

The Boys Of 98′ focused on making their journey with each week having a different school and destination, initially during the first tour the season was football; the focus would switch to basketball. The list of schools and locations for the tour is as follows: San Diego State, University of Arizona, Arizona State, Nevada Reno, Oregon, and Washington State. Throughout season 2 of the tour the social media brand and group focused on hosting a bar night at the most glorified spot for each college town. Not only did this draw a huge crowd, but gave a chance for The Boys Of 98′ to interact with their ever growing fan base from across the country.

Matthew Cianci, Christian Camarata, Stefan Rebello, and Matthew Maccarone who make up The Boys Of 98′ set out and expanded their journey to schools that were missed during the first tour. This would enable the group to interact and be “a part of the school life” for the time at each location. Matthew Cianci, Christian Camarata, Stefan Rebello, and Matthew Maccarone were able to attend Greek life events, school athletics, school events, and be a part of the daily student life bringing the party crazy spirit to every school. Throughout the whole tour the brand was sponsored by BetOnline and other large companies relating to the fan base.

The main goal of the tour according to Christian Camarata is to interact with fans while also filming content for the world and followers to see “to be able to visit each school, and share the whole experience is truly electric” Camarata says. Although basketball season is not as “electric” as football season, there were plenty of Greek life and social events for the…