The Hundred junk meals adverts banned for breaching promoting code

Moeen Ali

The eight teams in the Hundred all carried KP Snacks logos on their shirts

An advertising campaign run by KP Snacks and The Hundred has been banned for targeting junk food at children.

An email sent to an England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) mailing list and a KP Instagram advert with the chance to win tickets were found to have breached the advertising watchdog’s code.

The ECB said it was “sorry” an “error” meant the email was sent to under-16s.

The watchdog said not enough care was taken to ensure the Instagram advert was not directed at children.

The sponsorship by food brand KP Snacks of The Hundred, a tournament aimed at children and families, was criticised prior to its inaugural season last year.

“We told The England and Wales Cricket Board Ltd and KP Snacks Ltd to take reasonable steps in future to ensure that HFSS [foods high in fat, salt and sugar] product ads were not directed at children through the selection of media or the context in which they appeared,” the Advertising…