The Hundred: Oval Invincibles & Northern Superchargers mark welcome girls’s return

The Hundred: Oval Invincibles & Northern Superchargers mark welcome women's return

It would insult your intelligence not to acknowledge the divisive nature of The Hundred.

The row over its very existence and whether it will be the saviour or death of English cricket polarises opinion like the blue-white Twitter dress, Marmite and the end of the latest Bond film (blue, yes to Marmite, good film with a bad ending).

The division and debate is somewhat sexist, concerning only the men’s version of The Hundred. Few can argue the inaugural edition of the women’s tournament was anything other than a huge success.

Which is probably why the first week of this year’s Hundred has seemed lacklustre, after the women’s entrance was delayed because of the Commonwealth Games T20 competition.

There have been moments of excellent cricket from the men, not least Will Smeed’s history-making century, but not many tight finishes.

Grounds have been busy, rather than full. In terms of making an impact on the public consciousness, The Hundred has battled against the Commonwealths and the start…